iOS Version History

iOS | Mac

v2.9.21 - (Coming soon)
  • New Features

    • Adds support for configuring how much detail is displayed on playlist episode rows. (New button on toolbar for cycling through the detail level).
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixes issue preventing iPhone X home bar from being hidden automatically when playing videos
    • Fixes issue preventing download of episodes from servers reporting incorrect Content-Length, within reason.
  • Improvements

    • Adds dynamic row height support for episode & podcast search result rows. Note Some of you don't like this, so a new feature is being introduced to let you configure how much detail is displayed. This may be pushed into v2.9.21 to get it out to you sooner.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixes issue causing some episodes to end early
    • Fixes several minor UI layout issues introduced with iPhone X support
    • Fixes alignment of quick skip buttons on player for small iPhone models
    • Fixes skip back by 30s & 15s buttons on iPad
    • Fixes issue preventing refreshing a feed directly after subscription under some circumstances
    • Fixes calculation of storage usage
    • Fixes player episode details top offset for those not yet on iOS 11
  • Improvements
    • iPhone X support
    • Minor UI Improvements
    • Gestures work on zoomed artwork on iPad now
    • Improved Search Performance
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes bug preventing iCloud Syncing options from being enabled in iOS 11 under certain conditions.
    • 'Subscribe' button no longer becomes disabled after playing an episode directly from search results or top podcast results.
  • Improvements
    • Improves spacing between quick skip buttons on the player view.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes iOS 10 related section header issue
  • Improvements
    • Picture in Picture support for iPad
    • Ability to refresh feeds from publishers like and that don't handle iPhone user-agents correctly.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue preventing downloading/streaming directly from search results
    • Fixes issue causing some downloaded episodes to be marked for streaming
    • Fixes issue with starting videos
    • Fixes issue with incorrect podcast & playlist episode counts/time remaining
  • Improvements
    • Significant iCloud Syncing improvements
    • Effectively ignoring episodes with no enclosures in their feed
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue with zoomed artwork on player view
    • Fixes startup crash experienced by some users
    • Performance improvements
    • Fixes battery drain issue
    • Fixes issue with continuous play and imported episodes
    • Fixes several crash scenarios
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes iCloud sync issue that could cause local episodes to be removed
    • Fixes temporary freezing when first opening/activating the app
    • Fixes issue with continuous play and imported episodes
    • Fixes issue with decoding descriptions of some episodes
    • No longer showing notices when VoiceOver is running
    • Improves refreshing of items on CarPlay
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue causing continuous play to end
    • Fixes issue with manual playlists and continuous play
    • Fixes issue with buffering notice
    • Fixes text on crash reporting alert sheet
    • Fixes issue with pausing in the background when playing back on Chromecast
  • Enhancements

    • CarPlay support! More Info
    • Play position scrubber usability improvements
    • Scrubber repositioned to extend to full width of iPhone screen
    • Clearer chapter tick marks
    • Indicates start/finish indention times if you're using this setting
    • Touch anywhere along the scrubber to control it
    • Increased touch area for easier access
    • VoiceOver - Double tap play position scrubber to jump to a specific time
    • VoiceOver - Improved announcement for play position scrubber
    • Improves resuming of downloads
    • Performance & battery consumption improvements
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixes iCloud Syncing issues leading to deletion of local episodes
    • Fixes iCloud Syncing deadlock issue when first enabling
    • VoiceOver - Fixes magic tap gesture
    • Fixes random disabling of play/pause command and other remote commands
    • Fixes continuous play issues
    • Fixes issue causing video not to display on externally connected screens
    • Fixes issue where transitioning to video episode could cause Downcast to pause
    • Fixes issue where now playing info wasn't cleared from lock screen/control center
    • Fixes a few layout issues on player view
    • Fixes issue causing sleep timer to reset to 1min
    • Improves interactivity of URL textfield on the Import UI
    • Import UI now remembers your last destination podcast choice

  • Enhancements
    • Ability to further support Downcast's development by leaving tips.
    • on iPhone: More tab, then tap Support Downcast
    • on iPad: Gear icon, then tap Support Downcast
    • Memory/CPU/Battery Usage improvements
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issues with syncing episode information after subscribing to a podcast
    • Fixes issue with perpetually loading video player when episodes advertise themselves as having video tracks but actually do not.
    • Fixes issue with streaming playback stopping when internet connection is lost but there is still buffered content.
    • Fixes issue where player would stall with 'Buffering...' notice visible and never finish loading the episode.
    • Fixes issue continuous play issues
    • Fixes issue leading to auto-play during a background refresh
    • Fixes link detection in show notes in player view
    • Fixes issue with status bar text color after clean install
    • Fixes issue that could leave you stuck on the splash screen following a crash in the last session

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes continuous play issue when playing from a playlist.
    • Fixes issue where pull-to-refresh control did not appear for some podcasts when viewing their episode list.
    • Fixes several crash conditions.
    • More improvements to handling of remote control commands.
    • Improves performance of player view when first transitioning to it and when transitioning to a streaming episode.
    • Improves handling of scroll offset for episode details on the player view after rotating device.

  • Bug Fixes
    • ​Fixes playback issue on iOS 8
    • Fixes remote control issue with play/pause command
    • Small improvement to loading of streamed episodes