iOS Version History

iOS | Mac

  • Fixes potential startup crash
  • Fixes layout issue for watchOS app
  • Fixes 'not subscribed' message in podcasts list
  • Fixes deadlock
  • Fixes sharing feed with no link URL
  • Fixes issue with m4b playback
  • Simplified log submission process
  • Workaround for an issue that prevented downloaded episodes from playing if the publisher had given them a file extension that didn't match the file's actual encoding.
  • Accessibility - When editing a playlist while Voice Over is enabled, additional actions for moving an episode to the top or bottom of the list are now available.
  • iPad - Skip ahead/Skip back keyboard shortcuts work again
  • Fixes issue that could cause playback to stop when skipping ahead near the end of an episode
  • Fixed issue with PiP window not loading after tapping on a system notification
  • Fixed issue that could allow play position to be reset after returning from background
  • Fixed issue with retrying failed downloads
  • Fixes an issue where an episode could start playing if it finishes downloading after you'd started streaming it but switched to another downloaded episode prior to the download finishing.
  • Fixes skipping forward/backward by an arbitrary time interval using Siri.
  • Fixes issue with volume slider position on player view after returning from background.
  • For playlists that have "Include All Podcasts" disabled, there is a new setting available: "Refreshes Unsubscribed". When enabled, manually refreshing the playlist will also refresh any unsubscribed (Auto-Refresh disabled) podcasts that you've included in the playlist.
  • CarPlay - Dismisses now playing view when playback ends due to there being no 'next' episode to play.
  • When pulling down to refresh a playlist that has "Include All" disabled no longer refreshes included podcasts that have "Auto-Refresh" disabled.
  • Fixes another issue with show notes on the player view being offset when returning to the player view.
  • Fixes potential crash
  • Fixes issue preventing purchasing Tips (More -> Support Downcast)
  • Fixes label under the player scrubber where it would display "Label" the first time it was tapped after starting an episode
  • Fixing potential startup crash
  • Fixes potential crash when using Intents
  • Fixes issue with retrying downloads that failed due to being redirected to an invalid URL
  • CarPlay - Fixes navigation title on playlists
  • CarPlay - Fixes syncing issue when Downcast isn't running and is launched directly from CarPlay. Prior to this, syncing would not work until the iOS app was launched.
  • Fixes layout issue on Apple Watch Ultra
  • Fixes issue with log file submission
  • Fixes issue where episode details on player view would disappear after Downcast had been in the background
  • CarPlay - Additional information now shown on episode & chapter rows
  • Fixes issue with in-list search bar placement in iOS 16
  • Fixes potential crash
  • Fixes a couple of potential crashes
  • Fixes issues with now playing info not refreshing
  • Fixes a crash that could occur if an episode contains incorrectly encoded ID3 chapter data. Specifically, this affected recent episodes of NPR's Short Wave podcast.
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixes a potential crash
  • Fixes issue with chapters icon not showing up in iOS 14
  • Fixes crash when skipping to the next chapter when the first chapter in an episode starts after the current play position
  • Fixes a potential startup crash
  • Fixes issue with actions icon and level of detail icons on iOS 14
  • Fixes indication of current chapter in chapter lists
  • Fixes issue with detecting chapter start/end times with certain podcasts
  • ID3 CTOC frames are now honored for episodes that include such metadata. Example would be Stratechery.
  • Fixes problem with ID3 chapter parsing when titles used unicode encoding. Example would be Audiodump.
  • Fixes problem with showing file size of episodes that are not downloaded, if the feed includes the file size per episode.
  • Fixes a few potential crashes.
  • Performance improvement
  • Fixes several potential crashes
  • Fixes continuous play issue when playing from lists containing over 100 episodes
  • Fixes issue where sharing a media file to Downcast while Downcast isn't running would not present the import UI
  • Fixes issue with video playback on external displays
  • Fixes issue with download queue
  • Fixes potential startup crash
  • Fixes crash after returning from the background
  • Fixes several potential crashes
  • Removes deprecated API usages
  • Minimum iOS version is now iOS 14.7
  • Fixes bug preventing media file imports
  • Fixes bug preventing subscribing via downcast:// URL scheme
  • Updates for iOS 15
  • Fixes CarPlay behavior on iOS 15
  • Fixes several potential crashes
  • Fixes potential crash
  • Fixes issue when cleaning up prior to background suspension
  • Fixes display of episode status when episode is non-local
  • Fixes issue with exporting episodes
  • Minor fixes for iOS 14.5
  • Fixes user-agent used when streaming episodes
  • Fixes a couple of potential crashes
  • Removes Facebook link on 'More' tab
  • Siri Shortcut support
  • Fixes accessibility issue on player view - The route picker button wasn't labeled
  • Player actions view on watch app not stays up to date correctly
  • Fixed issue with select button text on podcast episode list
  • Fixed image for Simple & Chronograph watchOS complications
  • Basic keyboard shortcuts for player on iPadOS. Hold down the CMD key to show the available keys.
  • Fixes issue with player view crashing on Series 1, 2, and 3 Apple Watches
  • Fixes potential crash when a feed URL changes
  • Improves handling of feed URL changes
  • Showing alert when exporting isn't possible due to limited temporary storage
  • Fixes issue that could lead to a podcast being deleted after it's feed URL changes
  • Fixes issue where local notifications were displayed while Downcast was in the foreground
  • Fixes alignment issue with refresh status bar on certain devices
  • Fixes issue with refreshing episode counts
  • Fixes a couple of potential crashes
  • Fixes a UI freeze when showing zoomed artwork on episode details view
  • Fixes potential crash after background suspension
  • Fixes potential crash when updating podcast/playlist episode counts
  • Fixes issue that could prevent continuous play from working
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixes a crash while listening to episodes that contain chapters
  • iOS & CarPlay

    • Adds support for changing playback rate from CarPlay
    • Updates route picker button on player view
    • Fixes a few potential crashes
  • watchOS

    • Adds support for changing volume with the Digital Crown. This required making the player view non-scrollable. So, all the actions that were previously accessible by scrolling have been moved to a modal view. Tap the 'Actions' button at the bottom right corner of the player view to present the actions modal.
    • Minimum watchOS version is now 5.3.8
  • Fixed issue where resuming playback after the app had been suspended in the background would start and immediately stop
  • Fixes a few issues with CarPlay
  • Accessibility - Updates accessibility hints to replace the text "tap to" with "double-tap to"
  • Accessibility - Updates accessibility labels for several buttons on the watchOS app's player view
  • Fixes issue preventing start/finish time setting from being greater than 1 minute and 40 seconds
  • Fixes a number of potential crashes
  • Fixes issue preventing multiple selection when importing media files
  • Fixes import of certain video media files
  • Works around an iOS issue that could lead to Downcast's sandbox becoming readonly
  • Fixes an issue that could lead to the storage usage reported on Downcast's "More" tab being under reported
  • Fixes issue preventing parsing of some podcasts' encoded descriptions. These feeds need to be refreshed for this change to be applied.
  • Fixes a few crashes
  • Several Dynamic Type related improvements
  • 1.75x speed now shows up in the playback speed button's long press menu.
  • 'Show/Hide Lyrics Content' now labeled 'Show/Hide Lyrics Metadata'
  • Accessibility labels that previously started with "Tap to" now start with "Double tap to"
  • For imported episodes, any 'lyrics' metadata is shown by default
  • Dynamic Type now supported throughout the app
    • Publication date and episode summary now appears a single label on the podcast list rows. This allows for a more flexible layout that. better supports Dynamic Type.
    • Some of the labels on the player view ignore Dynamic Type due to the size constraints in this view.
    • A new global setting was added called 'Font Size' that allows you to match the font size configured in the Settings app or to specify the specific size category you'd like to use.
    • The largest two accessibility font sizes are ignored by the app.
    • The 'info' button was removed from the download queue's rows to save space. The details view can now be accessed by force touching or long pressing a download row instead.
  • Adds 1.75x playback speed option.
    • Please note that this change prevents syncing playback speed with versions of Downcast prior to v2.9.51.
  • Accessibility label for episode rows now includes the full episode description.
  • Show notes now allow optional loading of images
  • Performance improvement related to maintenance of podcast/playlist episode statistics
  • Minimum supported iOS version is now iOS 12.4
  • Fixes issue with out of sync counts shown on podcast rows in the podcast list
  • Fixes issue where iCloud Syncing options were displayed even when iCloud is unavailable
  • Fixes issue with streaming episodes from password protected feeds whose episode enclosure URLs are not password protected
  • Fixes issue on podcast details view where tapping the artwork would zoom the artwork behind the podcast details
  • Fixes crash with tapping on a link with no scheme in the podcast/episode details views
  • Fixes issue with iCloud Syncing where the play position would not be updated in the player view when an episode was paused and changed on another device.
  • Performance improvement
  • Fixes a crash
  • Fixes issue with 'link' field not being populated on the episode details view
  • Fixes issue where zoomed artwork on the episode details view appeared behind the show notes and episode details
  • Fixes a theming issue with the import UI
  • Fixes a startup crash that some users experienced with the prior release
  • Updates embedded web views to use newer APIs (WKWebView & SFSafariViewController)
  • Fixes issue with playback speed that would allow it to revert to a previous setting
  • Fixes a potential crash
  • Improves the launch procedure
  • Fixes another potential crash while downloading episodes
  • Fixes issue preventing manual sorting of playlists
  • Fixes a sporadic crash when unlocking episodes
  • Fixes distorted playback when playing at > 1x
  • Fixes un-themed label color when changing skip interval settings
  • Fixes a couple of crashes
  • Fixes delay after skipping time on AirPods while listening at greater than 1x
  • Fixes stale sleep timer accessibility label
  • Fixes issue with some episode artwork not showing at the correct aspect ratio
  • Normalizes actions available when long pressing episodes and when showing the episode action list
  • Fixes issue preventing display of full size artwork on the podcast/episode details views
  • Fixes glitch with playlist select/deselect button
  • Fixes broken 'Mark all for Streaming/Download All' button
  • Fixes issue with some show notes not rendering correctly
  • Fixes issue with opening media files and OPML in Downcast from another app
  • Fixes issue where the toolbar buttons on the Playlist view could become disabled after editing its episode list
  • Fixes crash on iPad when tapping the sharing or actions buttons
  • Improved UI when exporting/sharing media files
  • New Features
    • Support for dark mode in iOS 13
    • In-list search UI has been moved to the navigation bar and now supports all the actions that the unfiltered lists support
  • Improvements
    • Improved voice over annoucements for playlist episodes
    • Significant performance improvements that will lead to reduced battery consumption
    • Improved layout of podcast/episode detail views
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue with layout of pull to refresh view
    • Fixes OPML import
  • Improvements
    • Marking the now playing episode as played while it is paused will remove it from the player view.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes serious memory leak while using CarPlay
    • Fixes a couple of crashes
    • Fixes an issue preventing Podbean feeds from being refreshed
    • Fixes issue with importing OPML directly from the Files app
    • Fixes issue leading to incorrect partially played counts on the podcasts list
  • Improvements
    • Stability improvements, reduces crashes
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue causing playback to freeze after disconnecting from Chromecast device
    • Fixes issue causing playback to freeze near the end of BBC podcasts
    • The root cause here is an encoding error on the publisher's end. Playback will no longer freeze as a result, but playback may still stop early due to the encoding error. Only the publisher can resolve that part. The issue appears to have been corrected in more recent episodes.
    • Fixes issue that could allow feeds to be refreshed when not connected to a WiFi network even when set to only refresh over WiFi
  • Improvements
    • Improves DB migration progress to prevent iOS from corrupting Downcast's database during a migration performed in the background.
    • Performance improvements due to a new caching mechanism.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes memory leak & caching issue leading to frequent crashing and sluggishness
    • Fixes issue refreshing certain feeds
    • Fixes logging issue
    • Fixes issue preventing importing from iOS media library
  • Improvements

    • Performance improvement and reduced memory consumption
    • Disabled skip back by 1s feature until it can handle back-to-back interruptions in a more pleasant way
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixes several persistent crash issues
    • Fixes issue where downloads were queued in a random order
    • Fixes issue where deleting downloads did not update the corresponding podcast's episode counts
    • Fixes issue where duplicate rows were added to the queue after reordering downloads
    • watchOS - Fixed issue where skip buttons didn't display the correct time intervals or honor the Remote Media Skip setting.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Video playback fix
  • Improvements
    • watchOS - watchOS 4 support
    • watchOS - Complication support
    • watchOS - Performance improvements & simplified UI
    • watchOS - Indicates when episodes are to be streamed or if they are unconsumed (non-local).
    • Performance improvements
    • Skips back by 1s when resuming following an interruption
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes or significantly improves random pausing issue when using Airplay.
    • Fixes issue that could sometimes prevent reordering of episodes in playlists.
    • Fixes issue preventing resuming of playback when iOS' media services are reset
    • Fixes a sync related issue
  • Improvements
    • Reduces memory consumption while syncing
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes open file handles issue leading to file system access troubles
    • Fixes broken 'Delete All' button on iPad -> Playlist Episodes
    • Fixes missing Airplay icon on iPad player view
    • Fixes issue where some downloaded episode files weren't deleted properly
  • Improvements
    • Several performance improvements with regards to calculating statistics and iCloud Syncing.
    • Reduces memory consumption
    • Improved handling of HTML entities in episode descriptions
    • CarPlay tab order is now determined by your Startup View setting.
    • VO - Jump to time feature now uses 3 separate inputs rather than one, difficult to edit, input.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes several issues leading to background crashes when the app was suspended.
    • Fixes issue causing long press action menu to stop working for some episode rows.
    • Fixes HTTP response caching issue.
    • Fixes weird layout issue on playlists
    • Fixes continuous play issue on CarPlay
    • Fixes issue where CarPlay didn't show playback progress on episode rows.
    • Fixes issue with episodes cutting off early.
    • Fixes out of sync badge count issue
    • Fixes issue where episodes could show as 'Queued for Download' despite having already been downloaded.
    • Fixes issue where episode could be duplicated in a playlist.
  • New Features

    • Adds support for configuring how much detail is displayed on playlist episode rows. (New button on toolbar for cycling through the detail level).
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixes issue preventing iPhone X home bar from being hidden automatically when playing videos
    • Fixes issue preventing download of episodes from servers reporting incorrect Content-Length, within reason.
  • Improvements

    • Adds dynamic row height support for episode & podcast search result rows. Note Some of you don't like this, so a new feature is being introduced to let you configure how much detail is displayed. This may be pushed into v2.9.21 to get it out to you sooner.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixes issue causing some episodes to end early
    • Fixes several minor UI layout issues introduced with iPhone X support
    • Fixes alignment of quick skip buttons on player for small iPhone models
    • Fixes skip back by 30s & 15s buttons on iPad
    • Fixes issue preventing refreshing a feed directly after subscription under some circumstances
    • Fixes calculation of storage usage
    • Fixes player episode details top offset for those not yet on iOS 11
  • Improvements
    • iPhone X support
    • Minor UI Improvements
    • Gestures work on zoomed artwork on iPad now
    • Improved Search Performance
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes bug preventing iCloud Syncing options from being enabled in iOS 11 under certain conditions.
    • 'Subscribe' button no longer becomes disabled after playing an episode directly from search results or top podcast results.
  • Improvements
    • Improves spacing between quick skip buttons on the player view.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes iOS 10 related section header issue
  • Improvements
    • Picture in Picture support for iPad
    • Ability to refresh feeds from publishers like and that don't handle iPhone user-agents correctly.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue preventing downloading/streaming directly from search results
    • Fixes issue causing some downloaded episodes to be marked for streaming
    • Fixes issue with starting videos
    • Fixes issue with incorrect podcast & playlist episode counts/time remaining
  • Improvements
    • Significant iCloud Syncing improvements
    • Effectively ignoring episodes with no enclosures in their feed
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue with zoomed artwork on player view
    • Fixes startup crash experienced by some users
    • Performance improvements
    • Fixes battery drain issue
    • Fixes issue with continuous play and imported episodes
    • Fixes several crash scenarios
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes iCloud sync issue that could cause local episodes to be removed
    • Fixes temporary freezing when first opening/activating the app
    • Fixes issue with continuous play and imported episodes
    • Fixes issue with decoding descriptions of some episodes
    • No longer showing notices when VoiceOver is running
    • Improves refreshing of items on CarPlay
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issue causing continuous play to end
    • Fixes issue with manual playlists and continuous play
    • Fixes issue with buffering notice
    • Fixes text on crash reporting alert sheet
    • Fixes issue with pausing in the background when playing back on Chromecast
  • Enhancements

    • CarPlay support! More Info
    • Play position scrubber usability improvements
    • Scrubber repositioned to extend to full width of iPhone screen
    • Clearer chapter tick marks
    • Indicates start/finish indention times if you're using this setting
    • Touch anywhere along the scrubber to control it
    • Increased touch area for easier access
    • VoiceOver - Double tap play position scrubber to jump to a specific time
    • VoiceOver - Improved announcement for play position scrubber
    • Improves resuming of downloads
    • Performance & battery consumption improvements
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixes iCloud Syncing issues leading to deletion of local episodes
    • Fixes iCloud Syncing deadlock issue when first enabling
    • VoiceOver - Fixes magic tap gesture
    • Fixes random disabling of play/pause command and other remote commands
    • Fixes continuous play issues
    • Fixes issue causing video not to display on externally connected screens
    • Fixes issue where transitioning to video episode could cause Downcast to pause
    • Fixes issue where now playing info wasn't cleared from lock screen/control center
    • Fixes a few layout issues on player view
    • Fixes issue causing sleep timer to reset to 1min
    • Improves interactivity of URL textfield on the Import UI
    • Import UI now remembers your last destination podcast choice

  • Enhancements
    • Ability to further support Downcast's development by leaving tips.
    • on iPhone: More tab, then tap Support Downcast
    • on iPad: Gear icon, then tap Support Downcast
    • Memory/CPU/Battery Usage improvements
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes issues with syncing episode information after subscribing to a podcast
    • Fixes issue with perpetually loading video player when episodes advertise themselves as having video tracks but actually do not.
    • Fixes issue with streaming playback stopping when internet connection is lost but there is still buffered content.
    • Fixes issue where player would stall with 'Buffering...' notice visible and never finish loading the episode.
    • Fixes issue continuous play issues
    • Fixes issue leading to auto-play during a background refresh
    • Fixes link detection in show notes in player view
    • Fixes issue with status bar text color after clean install
    • Fixes issue that could leave you stuck on the splash screen following a crash in the last session

  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixes continuous play issue when playing from a playlist.
    • Fixes issue where pull-to-refresh control did not appear for some podcasts when viewing their episode list.
    • Fixes several crash conditions.
    • More improvements to handling of remote control commands.
    • Improves performance of player view when first transitioning to it and when transitioning to a streaming episode.
    • Improves handling of scroll offset for episode details on the player view after rotating device.

  • Bug Fixes
    • ​Fixes playback issue on iOS 8
    • Fixes remote control issue with play/pause command
    • Small improvement to loading of streamed episodes