Sorry for the long break, I've been busy working on the next major version of Downcast, v3.0. For the initial release of v3.0 my focus is modernizing the UI and underlying codebase changes that will reduce bugs, improve performance, and make adding features and making changes a far less time consuming process. Downcast has been playing catchup with iOS and macOS releases for a while now and v3.0 should help to break that cycle. After the initial release, the plan is to push out some other significant improvements as quickly as possible.

Notable changes in v3.0:

  • Universal and modernized UI for iOS
  • Full support for dynamic type
  • Variable height table rows
  • Alternate dark color scheme
  • Improved PIP support on iPad
  • Improved performance and reduction in memory related crashes
  • Better organized settings
  • Support for browsing episode chapters in the episode details view
  • Improved playback speed control
  • Improved sleep timer
  • Improved Help & Feedback section

After v3.0 (In order of priority)

  • CloudKit transition (v3.1)
  • Manual playlists (v3.2)
  • Localization (v3.3)
  • Something really cool (more later)
  • Watch app upgrade
  • Apple TV
  • Anything else...

Maintenance Releases & iOS 10 - There will be a maintenance release prior to the release of v3.0. This will mainly be meant to deal with any issues encountered during the iOS 10 beta releases or any other minor bug fixes I can squeeze in.