App Store reviews affect sales, no doubt. That's why so many apps have a nag screen begging for ratings. Downcast won't do that in the app since it's annoying, but it doesn't mean I don't want your positive review or 5-star rating!

Ratings & Reviews are Version Specific

When you write a review or rate Downcast, it only applies to the current version. When a new version is released, the 5-star ratings and glowing reviews most of you leave become hidden by default. They're still accessible on the "All Versions" tab but the "Current Version" tab is more important. So, if you're looking to help Downcast out by rating it or writing a positive review, please try to update your rating and/or review each time a new version is released, this really does help. A 'Please Rate Downcast' button will be available in v2.9.9 to make this less of a hassle than it is now.

Negative or Inaccurate Reviews

Negative reviews are bad for Downcast. It's OK to leave a negative review, I just ask that you give me a chance to address the issue you're experiencing with Downcast prior to doing so by contacting support. If there's a problem with Downcast, it's an accident, and I want to fix it!

Inaccurate reviews are really bad for Downcast. This is another reason I ask that you contact support prior to leaving a negative review. A frustrating number of negative reviews for Downcast contain inaccurate information. Often, a negative review is based entirely on misinformation. Frequently, the problem the user is experiencing is due to a setting that needs to be changed, an iOS limitation, a temporary networking condition, another app, or some other addressable problem. Sadly, the App Store doesn't allow responses to reviews, otherwise this wouldn't be such an issue.

To summarize...
  • It would be very helpful if you could update your rating or review for Downcast each time a new version is released.
  • Please contact support prior to posting a negative review or rating.
  • See an inaccurate review? Mark it as unhelpful so it gets pushed to the end of the list of reviews.

And just in case you feel like leaving a review now: iOS App Store Page / Mac App Store Page