Downcast Development Stream

This is a live stream of Downcast's development. Riveting? Not so much. Sort of interesting? Maybe. When I'm working on Downcast, I'll try to have the stream running and mention what I'm working on at the time. No, you're not going to throw watch parties for this. But, you can occasionally tune in and watch me endure the serial abuse dished out by Xcode + iTunesConnect, catch glimpses of Rotunda (mascot, corporate leader, inspiration, etc.), or sling insults via chat. When the stream is running, you'll see a "LIVE NOW" indicator next to the "Dev Stream" tab above.

YouTube has an arbitrary restriction that prevents live streams from being embedded until you reach an arbitrary number of views in your channel. For that reason, the stream is not embedded here and you'll have to watch it on YouTube directly.

Click here to watch the stream on YouTube