By popular request, there's now a live stream of Downcast's development. Just kidding, there is a stream, but no one would ever request this. The wait for v3 is a frustrating one, for you and me. Besides working as much as possible on it, there's not much I can do to alleviate your irritation until it's done. I can, however, throw myself into the fire by letting you watch me work and accept any friendly abuse that comes with that.🙂

"Why would I watch you work on Downcast?", you may ask. No idea, but here's what you'll see if you tune dumb face, my junky home office (hopefully less junky soon), unhealthy coffee consumption, angry coding, ADHD, my RU1 if she forgets I'm streaming, and frequent appearances of our corporate leader, Rotunda.

All kidding aside, the point is to lighten the mood a bit, show you I'm actually working, and that I'm just a guy trying to make something great again. I'm totally uncomfortable on camera, but anything for Downcast.🙂

Is this stupid? Maybe. I may freak out after 5 minutes and git revert this blog post, but I'll give it at least 5 minutes.

So, feel free to watch, not watch, make fun of me in live chat, etc. Just keep it clean, semi-respectful, and stick around until v3 is done, it'll be worth the wait!

Downcast Development Stream

Inexplicably, YouTube won't allow live streams to be embedded until you reach a certain number of views. Until then, the frame below won't work and you'll have to view it directly on

Click here to watch the stream on YouTube

1. Romantic Unit - A blanket term for two people in a relationship that dislike the stock terms.